What is a car mot

Although it sounds exaggerated, you put your life at risk when you enter a car when you think about. Hundreds or thousands of people die every year due to accidents on the road. This is why the government do everything in their power to prevent these horrific accidents. The MOT test, which stands for Ministry of transport test, determines what vehicles are operation ‘up to standards’ to be allowed on the road. The guidelines of the MOT test were outlined by the DVSA. DVSA stands for ‘driver and vehicle standard agency’, they say if you pass or fail your MOT.

If you fail your MOT then it it illegal to drive that car on the road. If you do drive a failed car then you it will result in a fine and could lead to licence banning a or points. Following your test you are advised to get you car serviced. This is because an MOT doesn’t check if your cars engine functions properly or if there are any particular faults with the car so it is important that even if you pass, you get these checked to prevent problems.

MOT’s are required for all vehicles after they are 3 years old. This isn’t 3 years after you have specifically owned it as you could have purchased it second hand, it is 3 years after its production. Then, once your first MOT takes place, the test is compulsory annually. A car that is overdue on an MOT is also illegal to drive on the roads.

It is important that you keep on top of your cars MOT as if you haven’t got a valid pass of the test then you can’t renew your tax on your car or sell it. MOT’s are there for safety so you should respect them.

The test is when a mechanic verify looks over the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and the car itself to check for any obvious error or lack of safety. As I said before this doesn’t mean that you don’t have an engine fault or mean that you won’t need to take a trip to the services. Even servicing your car should be deemed as important as your MOT as it could be the difference between a high speed break down and smooth sailing. Keeping your engine regularly checked is vital for a successful automobile with a long life span and reliability when driving.

Your MOT certificate should be present with you every time you make a journey in your car. You can keep it with your insurance on the windshield as it could be checked by a traffic warden when parked. If you are in an accident it is also important that you have you valid MOT certificate as it could help with insurance issues. If you have your valid certificate then the insurance company will know that you car was in good working condition which could work in your favour.

Follow the law and drive responsibly.